Reference implementation (content highlighted in yellow represent basic elements for Syndicated Content implementation):
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<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>SACS UB Intersession Promotion Sample</title>

    	<div class="sacs-ub-intersession-promotion">
    		<div id="sacs" data-width="240">{{{intersession-program-promotion-value}}}</div> <!-- the `data-width` attribute controls the width of the UB Intersession Logo image (logo default: 240px by 90px) -->
        </div> <!--end .sacs-* class categories-->

        <!-- for optimal download performance of your web page, paste the script container below immediately before the closing body tag -->
        <script src="" async></script>

CSS Style Guide:
/* you can use in-line styling on either <div> container in the sample or add any of the styles below to your .css stylesheet */

#sacs {
  /* optional and special styles to the <div> container that surrounds the promotional callout widget */
#intersessionLogo {
  /* optional and special styles to the <img> tag contains the promotional logo */

Sample Widget Result: